The 10 Best Fulvic Acid Health Benefits and Uses!

Better nutrient absorption, improved digestive health, slower aging… these are just a few of the fulvic acid health benefits anyone can obtain.  Whether you consider yourself a healthy person or you need some serious help with your health, fulvic acid can be a great supplement.

And there’s a long list of benefits! But to narrow it down to the top ones, here are the ten best benefits of fulvic acid for your health:

#1 Prevents Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies

Almost all of the current health problems we face can be traced back to a mineral deficiency. Now you might be thinking, “but I’m a healthy person! I eat real food!” And that’s great! But unfortunately, even the healthiest person might be surprised to know they’re deficient in something!

That’s because we are all exposed to unavoidable yet harmful elements in our modern environment, like heavy metals, that promote deficiencies and illness. Not only that, the healthy whole foods we eat aren’t always fully doing their job anymore. This is due to pesticides, herbicides, and other toxic chemicals modern farming practices include that rid our fruits, vegetables, and whole grains of essential minerals they would normally get from rich soil.

So when we consume these foods, our bodies aren’t getting the full amount of nutrition they should. So even if you eat fruits and vegetables all day long, you might still come up deficient in elements that are key for your body to function and protect itself properly. This can lead to symptoms like headaches, low energy, issue with weight gain or loss, thinning hair and nails, and anything else that could indicate poor health.

Thankfully, fulvic acid is one of the best “quick fixes” because it contains 70+ necessary trace vitamins and minerals to make up for anything you aren’t getting from your food. Taking a daily fulvic acid supplement can give your body a healthy dose of nutrition no matter what you eat or are exposed to each day.

Check out our Fulvic Acid Benefits page for a list of the included vitamins and minerals contained in our Mimi’s Miracle Minerals formula.

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#2 Increases Nutrient Absorption

Fulvic acid contains the unique ability to attract molecules, including charged ones, and bind with them. For this reason, inside plants it can transport vitamins and minerals into the root of their systems for the best absorption.

And it acts the same way in human’s bodies. With every nutrient-containing food we eat, fulvic acid acts as a carrier for these nutrients into our system. They increase the amount of minerals, amino acids, and other key nutrients into our bodies, as well as the amount of time those nutrients are in the system.

Note that organic plants may naturally contain some fulvic acid, but those not grown organically may not have much at all, if any. That means vitamins and minerals may be way less bioavailable, and can even be lost from the body as waste, unless they contain an active transporter like fulvic acid to help with absorption.

Lack of absorption means increased chance of illnesses, deficiencies, and diseases, and lack of proper metabolic functions, nutrient assimilation, and good digestive health.

#3 Improves Digestion

Digestive problems are an indication of unbalanced gut bacteria. This can include issues like:

  • Bloating
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • GI disorders
  • Food sensitivities or allergies

Besides the healthy components already contained in fulvic acid, including trace minerals, fatty acids, electrolytes, prebiotics, and probiotics, the fact that is also helps better transport nutrients to the body’s cells and improve absorption means less inflammation in the digestive organs and less instances of leaky gut syndrome, which may be connected to many illnesses in the body. When someone has leaky gut, particles get through the lining of the digestive tract and enter the bloodstream, triggering inflammation, autoimmune reactions, and other health issues.

Taking fulvic acid can help improve the ratio of good to bad bacteria in the gut, restoring the system’s microbiome back to normal by nourishing the digestive tract. And a healthy digestive system means healthy immunity, normal appetite regulation, better management of stress, and healthier hormone balance.

#4 Increases Energy

Regular users of fulvic acid have reported better energy levels, according to Dr. Axe. This is likely because of the reduced inflammation and damage from free radicals, better detoxification, and increased intake and absorption of nutrients. Since humic acids are natural electrolytes, they can help energize and activate almost every biological process within the body. Water-soluble electrolytes conduct electrical currents, helping cells live even when exposed to damage that can come from infection, stress, poor diet, and sleep loss. This means fulvic acid may be able to help maintain energy levels despite these external factors.

#5 Enhances the Immune System

Did you know most of our immune system is contained in our gut? And since fulvic acid helps improve gut health and restore good bacteria there, it in turn helps boost the immune system. Many chronic conditions can form from a leaky gut, so getting a daily dose of vitamins like in fulvic acid is so important for maintaining a healthy system, controlling hormone production, and building immunity to fight off disease.

Fulvic acid can also help alkalize the body and restore it to an optimal pH level. It does this by preventing the forming of an overly acidic environment, which can lead to long-term illnesses. Fulvic acid helps the body improve its defenses against daily organisms that can threaten the pH of the body.

There are general studies showing a possible anti-viral nature of humic acids, as well.

#6 Promotes Healthier Hair and Fingernails

Users of fulvic acid have reported faster growing fingernails and hair. And the anti-inflammatory and strong detoxifying properties of fulvic acid may help prevent androgenetic alopecia, or pattern hair loss, which could be partly caused by inflammation. It can also help improve the absorption of nutrients that can lead to healthier skin and hair follicles.

Fulvic acid has also been used to help treat rashes from exposure to poison oak, poison ivy, spider bites, athlete’s foot, or viral infections. There is also some evidence showing humic acids might be able to help treat irritations or wounds from conditions associated with fungus or microbes, such as bug bits, cuts, or eczema, and to help protect the skin. This is likely due to the fact that it can improve decrease the chances of infections while improving immunity and circulation in the body.

#7 Lowers Inflammation

Too many free radicals in the body can accelerate the aging process and promote disease in the body. This combined with poor nutrition (through inflammation-promoting processed foods), an environment containing pollutants, and unhealthy lifestyle habits can really cause a problem with inflammation. And many experts believe inflammation is the root cause of every disease, such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and cancers.

The antioxidant content of fulvic acid helps counter free radical effects and lower conditions linked to inflammation, such as headaches, nerve pain, pain in the muscle or bones, and joint pain from arthritis. The electrolytes in fulvic acid might also be able to help decrease inflammation, reduce swelling, improve circulation, and relax and soothe muscles, which can all worsen with an electrolyte balance.

#8 Removes Unhealthy Toxins

Our bodies are exposed to all sorts of toxic substances in our food and environment. These can come from:

  • the food supply
  • agricultural chemicals
  • heavy metals like mercury, lead, copper, iron, and cadmium
  • prescription medications
  • radioactive waste
  • household prodcuts
  • water
  • air pollution

Just as the antioxidants in humic acids fight inflammation, they also help detox the body of these toxins by binding to and breaking them down through natural chelation therapy.

There were however, two articles indicating that it may be beneficial in reducing the amount of cadmium absorbed into the body or stored in the kidneys. When mice were given water containing cadmium with differing amounts of humic acids no difference in intestinal absorption of cadmium was found, but there was less cadmium found in the mouse kidneys[1]

#9 Boosts Brain Health

The nutraceutical and antioxidant properties of fulvic acid might be able to protect from conditions involving cognitive impairment that may be partly caused by free radical damage, such as Alzheimer’s disease. Fulvic acid may be able to give us new insight into its potential for treating this disease.

#10 Encourages Better Muscle Repair

After workouts, too many free radicals can slow down muscle repair. But fulvic acid counter this by helping the body better digest and use protein, increasing healing timeline after muscle is broken down by exercise. Fulvic acid can also help better transport nutrients needed by the cells of the muscles so they can repair efficiently.

Are There Any Side Effects of Fulvic Acid?

The only known side effects have come from those taking pure fulvic acid in high amounts, which is why it’s safer to take in a form like Mimi’s Miracle Minerals. Since it’s not possible to overdose on fulvic acid, there aren’t any known negatives to taking it in the proper form. And since it contains trace minerals in the necessary small amounts, you don’t have to worry about them interfering with any macro minerals you might take in larger doses.

There are also no contraindications taking fulvic acid with other drugs or supplements. In fact, other supplements taken with fulvic acid can make them more bio-available so it’s recommended! We even advise our customers take Mimi’s Miracle Minerals with with topical products since it acts as a delivery mechanism and improves their effectiveness.

Mimi’s Miracle Minerals are also FREE of the allergens wheat, gluten, milk, egg, soy, yeast, and any added sugars or artificial colors. They are also non-GMO, so you can enjoy them without any worries.

Fulvic Acid — How to Use It

Mimi’s Miracle Minerals provide you with fulvic acid benefits in liquid form. It’s easy and stress-free to take straight from the included dropper.

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