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Mimi’s Miracle Minerals the finest fulvic and humic acid mineral supplement available on the market today.

It is a fast acting liquid concentrate which helps promote the deep cellular
utilization of our Fulvic and Humic trace minerals.

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But how does it work? Well, following are some scholarly articles and research. But first, it’s important that you understand what minerals actually are.

Minerals consist of elements. The very elements you find on the periodic table of elements, like calcium, which you need large amounts of. Many of these, like chromium, copper, iodine, iron, selenium, and zinc are called trace minerals because you only need very small amounts of them each day. But if you don’t get enough, or your body can’t use or process them, then health problems follow.

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You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.

 – Linus Pauling, 2 time Nobel Prize Laureate

Unfortunately, the use of pesticides and fertilizers, erosion, and mineral depletion have lead to decreased microbial activity in farming soil and the presence of fewer natural super substances like fulvic acid

 – Dr. Edward Group

Mimi’s Miracle Minerals
will make up for the losses
in your diet and provide all
the perfect ionic form
minerals you need.

What are the benefits of Fulvic Acid?

Because of the basic need of high quality minerals in the system, the benefits of our top quality mineral supplement are wide ranging.

Doctors Across Borders claim the following
benefits of Fulvic and Humic Acid Supplements:

  • tick​A life restorer
  • tickFulvic Acid has proved to be one of nature’s most powerful organic electrolytes and it serves to balance cell life.
  • tick​Fulvic Acid Promotes Electro-Chemical Balance Whether Donor or Receptor
  • tickDe-toxifies pollutants
  • tick​It’s a ferocious antioxidant and free radical scavenger
  • tickChelates heavy metals and body toxins, removing them from the system
  • tick​Transports nutrients into the cells
  • tick​Extends the time nutrients remain active -potentiates the availability of essential nutrients
  • tickIncreases metabolism of proteins, contributing to DNA and RNA synthesis
  • tickIt’s a powerful natural electrolyte
  • tick​Restores electrochemical balance
  • tickIncreases activity of a host of enzyme systems
  • tick​Increases activity of a host of enzyme systems
  • tickIncreases bio-availability of nutrients and minerals

Government research into Shilajit (tar-based fulvic
and humic acid source) claims many benefits, including
this interesting concluding paragraph

… a potent and very safe dietary supplement, potentially
able to prevent several diseases, but its main medical application now appears to come from its actions in benefit
of cognition and potentially as a dietary supplement to
prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

There are many other scientific studies and fascinating information on Fulvic and Humic acid.
But it’s worth noting, that when you Google terms like “fulvic acid” it’s amazing that there doesn’t seem to be any contrary material. Almost all other nutraceuticals have online haters. Negative reviews, complaints, adn general negativitiy are almost always found in regards to other nutra products. But interestingly, if you do your own research chances are all you will find are positive research and positive testimonials.

For additional science and articles about Fulvic Acid:

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Why not give Mimi’s Miracle Minerals
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